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Linwood Place is one of Oklahoma City’s oldest neighborhoods, platted in 1909. Several notable figures in founding OKC including John Shartel,  Anton Classen,  and John J. Harden were among the area's original developers. The neighborhood, now in the heart of OKC, was originally marketed as an addition of secluded country estates at the end of a trolley line extending northwest from downtown Oklahoma City  along Linwood Boulevard. Early Linwood Place was home to some of the city's most prominent citizens, including Chris Schwab of Schwab Meat Company, Walter Kamp  of Kamp’s Grocery, and Oscar Holderby of the OKC Stockyards. These early businessmen played a key role in leading the city's early push toward growth and prosperity. 


At the time of the founding, Oklahoma had only been a state for two years, and the state Capitol was still in Guthrie. Few paved roads reached Linwood’s borders. The earliest homes—sprawling two-story structures on large lots—were built from 1910 through the 1920s. In the 1930s, on the heels of the Depression and Dust Bowl years, the area was re-platted and the remaining larger lots sub-divided to allow for smaller homes to be built. The resulting neighborhood emerged as a delightfully eclectic blend of large and small homes in many different architectural styles. Most predominant is the Tudor Revival style of the late-1930s, but also represented are Craftsman, Prairie School, Colonial Revival, Mediterranean, Spanish Eclectic and various other styles.


Today, Linwood Place is experiencing a renaissance right along with much of historic Oklahoma City. Many of the homes have been restored to their original charm. A diverse blend of families with young children, singles, and senior citizens make up the tight-knit community. The pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined neighborhood, complete with large city park and wide grassy median (site of the former trolley line) offers the perfect opportunity for neighbors and friends to be outside in the fresh air, enjoying one another’s company. Linwood Place offers a small-town feel just a stone’s throw away from all our city has to offer.


The 465-home neighborhood is bordered on the north by NW 23rd Street, on the south by NW 16th Street, on the east by Drexel Boulevard and on the west by Grand Boulevard/I-44.

Why Linwood Place?

Nestled in a vibrant community in Northwest Oklahoma City, Linwood Place offers a unique combination of location, diversity, and history that cannot be matched in the greater metro area. Close enough to I-44  to allow for easy access no matter where your daily commute takes you, we offer one of the city's most charming, accessible, and inviting neighborhoods.  

An Inviting Neighborhood

Feel at home whether inside one of Linwood's impressive array of historical houses showcasing OKC's storied architectural history or strolling outside through our quiet, walkable streets. Active and friendly neighbors are always waiting to welcome a new face to our large and engaged community. We take pride in the safety and beauty of our neighborhood. Visit one of our many community gatherings throughout the year or come play in our park!

Tied to the Heart of OKC

Whether shopping at one of OKC's lively boutiques, catching an Uber to one of The Plaza's top bars, grabbing a bite on 23rd street, or enjoying a Sunday drive around Lake Hefner, Linwood makes it easy to get to wherever you want to be in Oklahoma City and beyond. Experience all Oklahoma City has to offer whether you are at home or downtown! 

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